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8/11/08: Thumbshots.Org thumbnails

We apologize for the lack of thumbnails on our site, it seems our provider (thumbshots.org) is having difficulties. Everything should be resolved soon. Thank you for your patience.

08/02/08: Profile Changes Made

All member accounts were switched to discontinue email notifications via our website. You may change your settings back if you wish, we just wanted to make sure the new system wasn't sending out unwanted email to those who didn't want it.

08/01/08: It's a brand new look here at Thrifty Planet

We did some house cleaning as you can see, and went in for a minor face lift. We've left out a few things, and we're not sure we want to bring them back. Namely, the product reviews, and the what's hot and what's not column. If you'd like to see these items come back, please let us know! [contact form]

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