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What we do.

The Thrifty Planet Resource Guide © 2008 is the collective database of businesses in the United States that sell recycled or previously owned merchandise. 

Why such a site?  It is possible you could find these businesses after a long exhaustive search on one of the giant search engines you rely on for regular use.  However, its obvious if you are crazy about thrift stores, finding a good deal, or finding the nearest recycling company, you can find it here.  We are more than just a search engine. Each business has an internet presence to supply you with every tid bit of information you might need before visiting.

My other goals were to further my need to organize businesses together for environmental reasons.  Our planet resources are precious and it is important to preserve them.  I wanted to make it easier for you to reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

Nothing useful should fall into the grips of our local landfills. There are so many outlets that are willing to resell our unwanted materials. Not only that, a good portion of our throw away items are tax-deductible, i.e. the clunker of a car sitting in your garage could go to a teen educational program.

Make a stand now by using the Resource Guide and it will lessen the impact on future generations and the environment. Use this guide as if you would a phone book. Like they say, "Let your fingers do the walking!" In the end it will save you time, money and energy shopping the country for that perfectly useful recycled product.

Thrifty Planet offers non-profit businesses a significant discount on memberships as a way to help out not only the planet but people in need.

What we don't do.

You may notice that there aren't many unrelated banners flooding the pages you view.

While these are an excellent way to advertise, I think its more important to stay within the confines of what my mission is.  Promoting the protection of the environment is my key philosophy.  Only advertisers who fit my qualifications may advertise on this site, however; Google, our largest advertiser serves ads that aren't related on occasion, but we limited their appearance as much as possible.   I wish I did not have to flood the site with the images in the first place, but advertising keeps everyone's costs down. 

If you feel these banners are annoying, please tell me, I'll find some other route to keep costs down. 

Comments or suggestions?

We welcome feedback on making this guide the best it can be. Input from customers will always be taken into consideration.

How else would it get any better?!


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